Density II

Density II, Fiber, Sculpture, Fiber sculpture,  vertical, wood, silk,cocoons, silk cocoons,cotton threads, Shoddy,wood,

Density II


silk cocoons, cotton threads and strings and wood

47" x 8"x 4"

The muted colors of the materials and simple forms, lines and textures combine to express the reverence I feel for the beauty and sensuality of nature. attached with archival glue. The fine fibers, called shoddy, are supplied from a recycling factory. The strings are from deconstructed cotton fabric The cocoons are imported from India, China and Japan and they are cleaned and stuffed with cotton and attached to the wood with archival glue. Shown in one person exhibition in April 2012, "Strings and Things" held in conjunction with Fiber Philadelphia.


As a mixed media artist I have the freedom to work in the medium that best describes my vision in paint, collage, assemblage, sculpture and fiber.

My interests in the environment, politics and war, protection, and gender are expressed abstractly using materials that are generally industrial or mechanical.

My ideas often come as a result of the process of "making" or "putting together"  unusual materials in harmony. I enjoy making the ordinary an object of beauty.

Influences are the Dadaists, in particular the women of that era and also sculptors Joseph Cornell and Lee Bontecou and painters Mark Tobey, Richard Poussant-Dart, Dorothea Tanning and Lee Krasner.