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Kathe Chapman Grinstead: In the Clouds

July 10, 2013

Kathe Chapman Grinstead is featured in an article by J. Clift in Huffington Post's Arts and Culture Blog

In a community arts center just outside Philadelphia, tucked away on a verdant, winding road in the town of Wallingford, there is a great show. In The Clouds features the work of 11 artists who use cloud formations as subject matter, mostly in a literal, depictive way. As easy as it would be for a summer group cloud show to come off as light, relationships between several of the 2-dimensional artists compel deeper looking.

Lauren A. Litwa

Lauren A.

Inspiration for my work comes from nature, imagination and dreams. Whatever the subject matter is, it becomes my fanciful, lyrical, made up world.  There is something magical that happens when painting, the process enriches my connection to the earth. Painting layer after layer of watercolors and oils can be a meditative experience.  The goal is to create a painting that can be a retreat from our hectic stressful world.

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